It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally refreshed our brand to better portray our agency and what we’re all about; creativity, simplicity and good old fashioned energy!

Our last website refresh was over 2 years ago, and was simply out of necessity due to technicalities. It took less than a week to build and did the job, but didn’t fully represent what we were all about. Throughout that time we’d been busy working hard for our clients and left the site as it was. But with 2018 approaching we decided it was time for some Econeve “me-time”.

A subtle change in our logo
We’d always loved the simplicity of our text based logo, so didn’t want to change too much. What we decided on was a subtle change in font and the incorporation of a unique icon which represents the first three letters of our name.

Bolder is better with our new website
In regards to our website, we’ve taken inspiration from our 2014 rebrand in terms of colour usage and typography. We must admit, we loved that design and gained a lot of recognition for it. We decided our new site would be a more personable and much brighter step up from that.

Our instant quote form just got better
Say hello to our more robust quote form. We previously decided to include an instant quote form on our site to save time for both us and our potential clients. Budget can be a huge deciding factor for any project and is often the first question we’re asked about. Since incorporating our instant quote form we’ve saved on average 10 hours a week that we’d have otherwise spent on writing or giving proposals. It’s also enabled potential clients the opportunity to get an idea of costs before investing time in any further consultation.

As always, web design pricing is relative. You should always factor in quality of service, support, after-support and technicality of build – amongst many other factors such as staff wages and essential paid-for services.

Efficient as always
Those that work with us know how much we hate overdone corporate spiel, unnecessarily long-winded consultations and outdated processes which prove inefficient. We’re a forward thinking agency that utilities what modern-day technology has to offer, meaning our business runs efficiently, with much faster turnaround times and with the capability of handling both large and small projects equally as well. Whether you’re a small startup or large organisation you can be sure that you’ll get a great quality service.

We’re a lover of all things creative here at Econeve Design Agency, and love taking on creative projects from our awesome clients. So, if you have a project we can help you bring to life, why not get in touch with the team. Head on over to our brand spanking new homepage here.


Current vacancy: Social Media Manager.

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  • Matthew
    Posted April 9, 2018 6:14 pm 0Likes

    Love the new website! Very bold look, thumbs up!

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