Another bold revamp to the Econeve Design Agency website

It’s been 2 years since we last redesigned our website, and whilst it was still gaining a lot of praise we thought it was time to refresh our image and allow it to represent how we’ve changed over the past ten years.

We’ve worked with some great clients and delivered some great projects, but whilst we’ve managed to deliver both great service and great support, we’re still a very small design agency without a large support team. This is why efficiency has grown to be a main staple in the running of all projects and the business in general. To represent this, we’ve created a much more simplistic but bold image for our website (we’re still all about standing out from the crowd!) and re-introduced our instant quote form.

The instant quote form is primarily used to help cut down time spent with potential clients requesting pricing via email and us writing up proposals, therefore allowing visitors to get an idea of what we charge before providing further details.

Our web design project form still remains but is more accessible for potential clients as a first port of call after receiving an instant estimate. This allows us to instantly get an idea of client needs and respond quickly and efficiently with further details on how to get a project going.

Our brand colours have changed ever so slightly, with our logo getting a subtle yet more modernised facelift. We hope our updates and rebrand helps bring a fresh and simplified experience to those looking to work with us.